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Skål Coaster Set

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Skål (Cheers in Swedish) Coaster

  • Hand-lettered
  • Set of 6 gold foiled coasters
  • Print: 70's vintage letterpress with fade-resistant gold foil
  • Paper: high-quality and sturdy 58pt blotter paper
  • Care: If they become soaked, lay them on a flat surface to air-dry. Once dry, your coasters will be able to absorb moisture again
  • Includes Helan Går, a known Swedish traditional drinking song

Our coasters are letterpressed and gold foiled using an original Heidelberg printer located in San Diego. Letterpress is a relief printing technique that produces an impression in the paper, making it distinctively different from offset printing. As the prints are letterpressed and gold foiled one by one, it’s a very time consuming technique, but one that allows us to offer detailed and unique prints to our customers. This is not your regular mass-printed coaster.


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